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Working ahead to be productive || Lynchburg, VA Wedding Photographer

Why is it that some days are just so much more productive than others? Anyone else run into this problem? I am constantly trying to figure this out for myself and whenever I find somewhat of a solution with my workflow, I like to share it!

First off, having set office hours is SO helpful for me. When I have a full day with nothing planned, I procrastinate and find myself quickly filling the time with everything BUT what needs to be done. Ha! So, planning ahead and knowing that I will be working tomorrow from 10am until school pick up at 2pm, then I need to be serious about my time working! 

I keep my paper planner cleaner with just the important dates and appointments, but I also use my iCalendar on my MacBook to block off time ahead for office hours and then will add some of the big tasks that I need to make sure happen during that timeframe! 

Working ahead to be productive || Lynchburg, VA Wedding Photographer ||

I’ve also found if I can plan ahead the night before or first thing that morning, I can stay on track a little bit easier.  I always have a running list going (hello Trello!) but each morning, writing down what needs to be accomplished that day, and being able to prioritize those tasks helps me so much.  I’m such a firm believer in getting things out of my head and onto paper so I have the mental capacity to think about other things instead of all the little things that need to get done!

For me, having it all written out and on paper is also so important to me! There is nothing like physically crossing off something to make you want to get more done!

So, I want to know- what tips have you found make you be more productive?

Working Ahead to be productive || Lynchburg, VA Wedding Photographer ||

Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving the Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, and surrounding areas. Available for travel world-wide.  Ashley is passionate about cultivating genuine relationships built on mutual understanding, trust and lasting friendship.  

Currently booking a limited number of wedding and portrait sessions for 2018 and 2019.  Contact Ashley today for additional information!

Autumn Trivium Estate Wedding || Bradford & Lauren

This Trivium Estate wedding was seriously perfect! I love Fall weddings- the light, the weather- it's all We left the night saying to each other how nothing seemed to go wrong the entire day! But that's not surprising to me considering all the amazing vendors set into place with the all-inclusive package that Lauren & Bradford booked with The Trivium Estate! 

The morning started with Lauren & her best friends in the bridal suite getting ready together and laughing together! And their ceremony was so beautiful! They chose to get married down at the gazebo overlooking the pond and the trees starting to turn! So gorgeous!! During their ceremony, they chose to plant a tree together- each providing dirt from their childhood homes. How precious is this?! I've never seen this as part of the ceremony, but I loved it! 

These two are both pharmacists and their chemistry was mentioned in their ceremony and the maid of honor reception speeches & you can see it when you watch them together! Smiling and Laughing all day! The best!! Their reception was a blast! The band did such an excellent job getting everyone up and on the dance floor the entire night!! A good band is so much fun at a wedding! 



Thanks to the vendor DREAM TEAM for this wedding! Love our Lynchburg wedding community so much, and it's always such an honor to work alongside so much talent!! 

Venue: The Trivium Estate in Forest, Virginia

Florals: Bloom by Doyles in Lynchburg, Virginia 

CelHair: Headliners Salon in Virginia

Makeup: B.Jane in Lynchburg, Virginia

Dress: Celebration Bridal in Lynchburg, Virginia

Gown Alterations: The Gilded Thimble in Bedford, Virginia

Groom & Groomsmen: Men's Wearhouse

Catering: Charley's Restaurant & Catering in Lynchburg, Virginia

Bartender: Tabby Bennett Wedding Bartender in Lynchburg, Virginia

Band: Lloyd Dobler Effect in Northern Virginia

Cake: La Bella Torta in Lynchburg, Virginia

Trivium Estate Wedding || AJ & Kimberly classic, fall wedding day

Everything about AJ & Kim's wedding day was so beautiful and classy! From her gorgeous venue at The Trivium Estate, that ahhh-mazing gown, the gorgeous florals, and her super sweet groom, that had a smile on his face all day. 

I know you've heard this before, but AJ & Kim just radiate their love for each other! It's so inspiring to be around a couple that is so happy and joyful- and you could just tell from all of their friends and family there for the day! These two needed no direction from me, they just automatically cuddled up together, laughed, kissed, and got lost in the moment. I was in portrait heaven with these two- I wish we had another hour for portraits! ;) 

Their first look was stunning & so sweet! AJ surprised Kim with the most thoughtful gifts and notes, and he was almost speechless when he saw her put together in her dress! Ahh So sweet! I've been so excited to share these photos with you guys! 

Surviving Busy Season || Motherhood and Small Business series

It's that time of year, where getting dinner on the table seems like a major accomplishment. Heck, even taking a shower and putting on clothes that aren't leggings is a huge accomplishment! This is coming at the very end of the busy-season, but blogging during the busy September, October and early November months is almost non-existent.  When the work piles up, there are photoshoots every night, and it's easy to push other things aside, like family time. It's moments like this when I've found I have to put super intentional with scheduling time off, and putting the work away for the evenings.  

Ashlawn-Highland Engagement Session || Charlottesville Wedding and Engagement photographer || Central Virginia Fall Photos ||

1- Learn to say No. I know, I talk about this all of the time, but it is so difficult to turn down work, especially knowing that the next few months are going to be way slower.  But saying yes to everything means you're having to say no to the things that really matter.  

2- Take the time to Schedule your week.  At the beginning of every week, I look through my shoots and schedule the time for the office work that is required.  I try to have at least one day where I don't schedule any appointments out of the home and I know that I'll be able to answer emails, and get my editing done.  

3- Schedule time off.  If you look at my (color coordinated!!) calendar, you'll see where I have dates that I schedule off ahead of time.  I know that these are the days I can spend some time at school with Emerson, I can do brunch with some friends, and really, just take some time for myself to re-coup and re-energize.  

Trust me, I totally understand how difficult it is to turn down paying clients.  But, I've learned from the past, I've learned from being burnt-out and sacrificing important family time that it really isn't worth it.   

Charlottesville and Lynchburg Wedding and Portrait Photographer ||

Ashley Eiban is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Farmville, Richmond, Roanoke, and surrounding areas. Currently booking a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions for 2017.  Available for travel world-wide.  

Ashley is passionate about capturing moments as they authentically happen to ensure a successful session that gives you time to enjoy each other and savor the wedding day moments.  Contact me today for additional 

Staunton, Virginia Church Wedding || Central Virginia Wedding Photographer

It's difficult to even know where to start for this sweet wedding! Ryan & Rachel were seriously super sweet, and their gorgeous Fall wedding day was so perfect! The leaves were just starting to change colors, I was so excited to find a few spots perfect for photos with those golden yellows and oranges! All of their friends and family were so sweet, loving, and excited for these two! I love being at a wedding and feeling like a part of the family by the time I go home! 

Ryan and Rachel chose to do a "no peek" instead of a first look, and it was so sweet. They held hands around the corner and prayed together before walking down the aisle.  For our bride and groom portraits, these two walked through a field, through some trees, and even across the street to the rows of corn! I love when couples trust me and are up for anything and everything! And their photos turned out so well because of it! 

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer || Central Virginia Wedding Photographer ||

Ashley Eiban is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving Staunton, Richmond, Charlottesville, Bedford, Lynchburg, Farmville, Roanoke, and surrounding areas.  Available for travel world-wide.  Currently booking a limited number of weddings for 2017.  Contact me today for additional information!