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Ross & Shelley: A Trivium Estate Wedding in Goode, Virginia

Shelley is one of those brides that I wish I could clone! She's so sweet & laid back, absolutely gorgeous and cannot take a bad picture! Walking into the bridal suite that morning, her and her friends were getting ready together, laughing and so joyful for their friends! There wasn't any tension or nervousness in the room, at all! Even as she stepped into her elegant gown and the clouds started rolling in, she took it in stride and made the call to move the ceremony to the backup plan. One of the great things about The Trivium Estate is that their ballroom is so beautiful, even with having to move to an indoor ceremony, you're getting a gorgeous setting! 

After the ceremony, we grabbed some clear umbrellas and headed outside. Luckily, the rain ended up stopping and we laughed and enjoyed our portrait time together. After dinner, we ducked quickly outside for a few minutes and were greeted with a gorgeous sunset overlooking the Peaks of Otter Mountains. 

The AMAZING Vendors from Ross & Shelley's Wedding! 

Venue: The Trivium Estate in Goode, Virginia

Coordinator: Victoria with The Trivium Estate in Central Virginia 

Hair: Tracie Palmer with Made You Look Hair Studio 

Makeup: Asya at Studio Style & Spa in Forest, Virginia 

Florals: Love Blooms by Doyle's in Lynchburg, Virginia 

Bridal Gown & Accessories: Tiffany's Bridal in Richmond, Virginia

Groom & Groomsmen: Jos. A. Bank

Catering: Avenue Foods Catering in Lynchburg, Virginia

Cake: Angela Hudson Cakes in Lynchburg, Virginia

DJ: Josh with RSP Entertainment in Roanoke, Virginia 

Favors: American Meadows Online




Lynchburg and Charlottesville, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving the Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, and surrounding areas. Available for travel world-wide.  Ashley is passionate about cultivating genuine relationships built on mutual understanding, trust and lasting friendship.  

Currently booking a limited number of wedding and portrait sessions for 2019. Interested in learning more? Inquire here! 

Favorite Wedding Details || Lynchburg, VA Wedding Photographer

It was SO much fun looking through my 2017 weddings last week when I shared some of my favorite photos from the season, I wanted to continue the fun and share some of my favorite details from those weddings! I've been so incredibly blessed with the best couples ranging from Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach! I love photographing the details that my Bride's pick out! These details do set the tone for the entire wedding- and it's just There are so many special details from wearing your Grandma's wedding rings, your invitations, or a special family Bible, sparkly Kate Spades, or sewing something into your dress. 

Behind the Camera: Planning for the Year || Lynchburg, VA Wedding Photographer

I know, I'm a little bit weird (please tell me I’m not alone in this! ha!) because I LOVE the process of planning and especially love getting a new planner and starting to organize my year. I get out my pens (of course, you know I color-code my planner!)

When I’m first plugging in dates, it seems like I have tons of free time. Everything I’m writing in are big, important dates- like weddings I’ve booked, birthdays & anniversaries, school start dates, etc.  But I learned if I don’t plan days off ahead of time, I can so easily over-book myself and feel the burnout.

One of the most important things I do when I’m first planning out my year, or when I book a new wedding, is I will, of course, block out the actual wedding day, but I will also schedule a work day AND a day off.

With a new baby on the way, this year is going to be totally different and face a whole bunch of new challenges, so setting myself up for success is going to be so important! I have a whole list of my wedding and event workflow, and know how much time I need to block off for my workflow steps- from uploading cards, culling, editing for my blog, and outsourcing steps, which is so helpful when planning ahead. I know that I most likely won’t have super long stretches of time to get everything done in one day, at least at first, so having that time set aside is super helpful.

Behind the camera: planning ahead for the year || Ashley Eiban Photography ||

I also schedule a day off for each wedding that I shoot. I learned quickly that if I don’t go ahead and block it off on my calendar, I will try to squeeze some things in on that day & end up not getting the day off. This is especially important for months like June, September and October- the super busy wedding and engagement photo sessions.  Also, taking time off for important dates, like Birthdays, Anniversaries, and planning vacation and time away with my family. It can be SO difficult to take a day off when you work for yourself, but please, take it from me, the burn out you’ll feel if you don’t is not worth it!

So tell me, am I alone in LOVING the “school supplies” and fresh starts of new calendars, planners, and color coding.  Do you schedule your work days and off days ahead of time as well?

Lynchburg and Charlottesville Wedding and Portrait Photographer ||

Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving the Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, and surrounding areas. Available for travel world-wide.  Ashley is passionate about cultivating genuine relationships built on mutual understanding, trust and lasting friendship.  

Currently booking a limited number of wedding and portrait sessions for 2018.  Contact Ashley today for additional information! 

Lynchburg, Virginia Fall Wedding || Levi & Chelsea's Wedding at The Trivium Estate

Guys! My wedding season for 2017 wrapped up last weekend and OH MY GOODNESS! It was a perfect wedding to wrap up my year! Chelsea & Levi got married overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains at The Trivium Estate, in Forest, Virginia.  It was a chilly day, but so worth it! The views, the last remaining trees with fall colors- heaven!! They provided blankets, hot chocolate & cider for their guests while they exchanged vows! 

Chelsea & Levi seriously made this wedding 100% theirs! I mean- wait until you see her engagement ring to know that she's not your fully traditional bride, which I loved! They really personalized things to make it exactly what they wanted for their big day! Her bridesmaids all wore different color jewel tones for their dresses, they included their dog Skully in their first look photos, and they even had a cookie table at their reception! 

Levi & Chelsea knew photos were a priority for them, and my goodness were they troopers! As the sun started to set, the chill really set in, but neither of them complained once! We pretty much couldn't feel our fingers by the end of their portrait time, but we all warmed up quickly inside the gorgeous reception hall where all of their guests were dancing and having a blast! 

I am so excited to share these gorgeous photos! Her details, this dress, and their love for each other made this day such a dream for me! Thank you Levi & Chelsea for choosing me and hand designing the perfect wedding day to wrap up my season!! I hope you are having a blast on your winery honeymoon in the mountains!! 

Charlottesville and Lynchburg Wedding and Portrait Photographer ||

Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving Lynchburg & Charlottesville & surrounding areas.  

Ashley is currently booking a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions for 2018.  Find more information here, or contact us with any questions! 

Weekend Update || Wrapping Up my 2017 Wedding Season

I am SO excited to have wrapped up my 2017 Wedding Season this past weekend! I LOVE my job, but look forward to a break, especially after the busy season and it's been almost two months without a weekend off! 

On Friday, I second shot with the oh so talented Lindsay Fauver at Stone Tower Winery! It was SO beautiful there! I just have this shot I grabbed with my cell phone, but someone please hire me to shoot their wedding there! So stunning!  While we were in the Leesburg area, we hit up the outlets and enjoyed some family time away! I love little getaway trips like this where we can spend some time together as a family! AND I'm super thankful for Michael driving us home after the wedding so I can be well-rested and ready for my Saturday wedding! 

Lynchburg and Charlottesville Wedding and Portrait Photographer ||

Then on Saturday- oh my goodness Saturday! My last wedding for the year! It was everything I needed the end of the season to be! The sweetest Bride & Groom, a unique wedding & everyone having such a blast! I cannot wait to share the blog post from this one!! 

We're still not in the clear for busy season, and we've got lots and lots to share coming up! But yay for weddings wrapping up for 2017!