Being Productive in busy season || Charlottesville and Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

It's officially busy season here in Central Virginia and I love it! Every single weekend I'm doing what I absolutely love and getting to celebrate with amazing couples! But, along with busy season means having A LOT more things to do, but less time to do it! Even when I'm shooting multiple weddings in a weekend, family sessions on the weekdays, I still want to maintain my client experience and produce images as soon as possible! 

Charlottesville VA Wedding Photographer || Lynchburg Wedding Photographer || || Ashley Eiban Photography

The number one adjustment I've made this year to ensure that items on my to-do list are getting done, is scheduling an "Office Day" for myself.  And yes, I actually write it in my planner, and then put in my tasks in a block scheduling format on my iCalendar.  I refuse to do ANYTHING else on my Office Day other than be in my office. I won't volunteer in Emmie's classroom, meet anyone for lunch, schedule client meetings, or photo sessions on this day.  It is a day that I fully dedicate to tackling my workflow for the day.  If I have a double-header weekend where I'm shooting two weddings, I will make sure to block of, you guessed it, two office days.  

Charlottesville VA Wedding Photographer || Lynchburg Wedding Photographer || || Ashley Eiban Photography

It's a simple solution that has helped me make huge strides in tackling my to-do list and staying productive during my busiest season! What simple changes have you made that have shown huge improvement? 


Charlottesville Wedding Photographer || Lynchburg VA Wedding Photographer || Ashley Eiban Photography ||

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Ashley is passionate about chasing your dreams and doing what you truly love. Because of this, she has been serving couples for over five years and is incredibly thankful for each and every client.  Currently booking a limited number of wedding and portrait sessions for 2016 and 2017. Contact Ashley today for additional information.