On the Glen at Glenburn Farms Wedding || Josh & Jenny

Oh my goodness am I SO excited to share this wedding today! Josh & Jenny have been dating since HIGH SCHOOL- and have survived through 11 years of dating, long-distance, college, and so much more! You really could just feel how thrilled they were to be at this point, and that their families were so glad to be uniting! Their wedding at Glenburn Farms was so beautiful! It was the most perfect fall weather, blue skies, and the mountain views! Seriously, picture heaven!! 

They had the sweetest no peek where they exchanged letters and a prayer with each other. I swear, I will never not cry in those moments! They are the sweetest!! I wasn't alone in my reactions seeing Jenny walk down the aisle and Josh start crying.  Then every time Jenny looked up at Josh during the ceremony she started tearing up.  Gah my heart!!

We snuck out for some sunset portraits after dinner and OH MY GOSH was it perfection! I swear I could have stayed out there forever with these two!! Their reception was SO much fun- literally everyone was on the dance floor- even Jenny's grandma got out there and danced with everyone!! 

Ashley Eiban

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