Turn off the notifications || A working at home series

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Y'all. I don't know if you're anything like me, but working from home is FULL of distractions. Between the laundry basket I have to step over to get to my office, to the pile of breakfast dishes in the sink, it's so hard to turn that all off in my brain and just sit down and work.  One of the best things I did to avoid those distractions are having set office hours and being super strict about them.  But, even when I'm in the office and working, it's so easy to get distracted by other things! 

One of the most productive things I did was turn off all notifications on my computer for my office hours.  Between iMessage, facebook, and messenger, and emails, and instagram, I could be distracted for seriously hours- and not actually get anything done. 

When I get a notification pop up in the corner of my screen, even if I try to to ignore it, is on my mind until I check it. My brain sees that notification as something important and urgent and demands my attention until I check it. Getting notifications that someone commented on a facebook photo is not worth wasting my work hours away for.  

This is not me complaining about social media, or trying to brag that I get sooo many notifications or anything.  I love social media- especially considering I'm here working by myself- I need that social outlet! But, more importantly, I need to get my work done! These notifications cannot rule my life.  

So, I just want to encourage you to take a few minutes and turn off the notifications for the things that distract you without you even knowing it! It will make such a huge difference! 

Ashley Eiban

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