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Eric & Mary Ann's Anniversary Session || Lynchburg, VA Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Happy Monday!! It's a gorgeous day and I've got the most perfect pink and white peonies sitting on my desk from the sweetest girl! I'm so excited about this session- we had so much fun, and I truly think EVERY couple should do an anniversary session every few years!! The way you interact, change, and grow all differs the longer you've been married, and it's so nice to have images that document that!! 

Eric & Mary Ann drove up from Roanoke, Virginia and met me in the Forest, VA area for a fun, sunny, spring anniversary session! They were so cute together! I love how easy my couples make my job!! 


Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving Lynchburg, Richmond, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Farmville, and surrounding areas.  Available for travel world-wide. Currently booking weddings and portraits for 2016 and 2017.  Contact us today for additional information! 

Chancey Family || Lynchburg, VA Photographer

This session holds such a special place in my heart. I first met Dave & Rachael a few years ago, when they hired me to do their engagement photos. From there, a friendship quickly formed and I was able to capture their wedding photos, their maternity photos, and now their photos as a family of three!! 

Baby Charlie is seriously a dream, and I may have spent half of their session snuggling up with him and smelling his delicious baby smell!! hah. He was such a sweet lil guy during our session, he was exhausted but goodness those sweet dreamy photos!! It is SERIOUSLY such an honor to have these families invest in my business time and time again. I love being able to celebrate all these amazing moments! 



A Very Happy Easter || Lynchburg, VA Photographer

You guys. Raising a 4 year old is no joke. She is constantly keeping us on our toes, making us laugh, is super emotional, and pushing boundaries.  But, it's seriously so fun. To see her learning, growing and goodness, the things she says is always cracking us up! 

Em was so excited for Easter- and we were so excited to be able to participate in her egg hunt at school this year! She was thrilled when she realized that there was candy in some of those eggs! 


Saturday night, she left out a plate of carrots for the Easter Bunny.  She wanted to give him more, but didn't know what he liked. So, she asked me to leave him a note so she would know for next time.  Girl can talk! and goodness my hand was hurting SO bad by the end of it! Tell me this isn't the cutest letter you've ever read! haha

Em was so excited that the Easter Bunny left her treats and hid some eggs around the house for her! He even gave her some books without words so she could read them all by herself! 

I want to hear about your Easter weekend! Did you get in any good family time? Have an egg hunt, eat your weight in chocolate? hah. 



Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Lynchburg, Virginia. Serving Central Virginia and surrounding ideas, and available for travel world-wide.  Contact us today for additional information! 

Weekend Update: A Trip to Lynchburg Humane Society || Lynchburg, VA Photographer

Em had a few days off for a mini-spring break, and I had the best time spending all day with her!! One of the things that we did together was volunteer at the Lynchburg Humane Society! I got some photos of some of the sweetest animals, and we got to love on some sad puppies.  I swear, I need to buy a farm and adopt all these dogs! But... I already asked Michael, and no more animals in the house for us right now... so please, someone go adopt these animals!! 


Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Lynchburg, Virginia- but available for travel world-wide.  Contact us today for more information! 

Tony & Cole's Lynchburg Maternity Session || Central Virginia Photographer

Eeeeeeeek! Maternity sessions are so fun and exciting to me! I love getting to celebrate with families as they prepare for their family to grow! Those last few weeks are so exciting and full of anticipation! 

I worked with Cole previously & this girl is hilarious, and a killer realtor! She tells it how it is, which is something I totally admire about her! And exactly what you want in a realtor!! Her and her husband Tony are having a baby boy in just a few weeks and I am so excited!! This little man is going to be SO loved and totally spoiled!! I can't wait to hold him and snuggle him and squeeze him! ahhhh! <3 Plus have wine nights with Mom! 


Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Maternity Photographer based in Central Virginia- serving Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, Roanoke, Winchester, Hampton Roads, and surrounding areas.  Contact us today for more information!