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A snow day! || Lynchburg, VA Photographer

Oh my goodness! It finally happened! Lynchburg got our snow day- enough to sled in, play in, make snow shakes, and get a couple of days off of school. Now, I am the first to say I am so ready for routine to be back in our lives (after 2 weeks off for Christmas Break, cancelled school for cold weather & ice, MLK Jr Day, and then the snow days, it feels like we're never getting back on a schedule!) but true snow days, with more than 2 inches of snow, are super rare for Central Virginia- making them A LOT of fun! 

Emerson and her neighborhood friends had a BLAST and stayed outside pretty much all day. I made her come in for lunch and a little bit of rest time and you would have thought the world was ending in our house! ;) It does make it super nice that she can get all the layers on by herself! 

We thoroughly enjoyed a lazy snow day- the fire stayed on almost all day, drank hot chocolate, and were super successful in making the house a disaster zone! But, totally worth it! I know these are the days that we'll talk about and remember for years and years to come! 


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Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving the Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Richmond, and surrounding areas. Available for travel world-wide.  Ashley is passionate about cultivating genuine relationships built on mutual understanding, trust and lasting friendship.  

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Lynchburg Family Photographer || The Offield Family

I cannot believe we're a week into November and just now hitting the peak of the fall colors! I'm not complaining though- it's so gorgeous- I just wish we could keep it around just a little bit longer! ;) 

I am so excited to share some photos from the Offield Family's Photo Session! I loved photographing them previously and that they made getting updated family photos done while they were in town! Krista ran the Mountain Masochist 50 miler the day before AND she freaking got first place. So, how she was standing the next day is beyond me, but she was there and looked amazing and wearing heels! Can we say super woman here? 

These kids have grown up SO much since I last photographed them, and oh my goodness did they have me laughing!! You know with all those boys there were some potty jokes mixed in! 

Charlottesville and Lynchburg Wedding and Portrait Photographer || www.ashleyeiban.com

Ashley Eiban is a Wedding & Portrait Photographer based in Central Virginia. Serving Lynchburg & Charlottesville & surrounding areas.  

Ashley is currently booking a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions for 2018.  Find more information here, or contact us with any questions! 

Lynchburg Family Photographer || The Bell Family

I don't always photograph families, which is one of the reasons I especially love this season! All the families I get to document! Especially when it's a sweet family like this one! And it's always such an honor when families come back year and year! I love seeing much the kids grow and change over the year! The Bell family is so sweet & I loved getting together with them locally here in the Lynchburg area to update their family portraits! I'm so excited to share these photos from their family session! 

Weekend Update || October Family Sessions & Weddings

It's finally starting to feel more like fall around here, and even though I loooooooove summer and all the fun that comes with it- the cooler temps and golden light sure are a photographers dream!  We had another busy fall weekend, with some family portraits, a gorgeous Trivium Estate Wedding! 

My busy weekend started with the gorgeous Bell Family. I've been getting photos of this adorable family since Mom was first pregnant, so it really is so much fun to see them again each year and how much they've grown! This year, both kids were talking my ear off and it was such a blast! 

Lynchburg, Virginia Family and Wedding Photographer || www.ashleyeiban.com

Saturday's Trivium Estate wedding was such a blast! I always love shooting at the Trivium- and not just because it's just down the road from our new house- but because it's gorgeous there, and the staff there is SO helpful and organized! Ryan & Andrea's wedding day was no exception and their ceremony overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains was simply stunning! 


Sunday, we met up with the Smawley Family at Sweet Briar College! We worked with Kristin as our mortgage broker when we bought our house, so it really was an honor to photograph her gorgeous family! 

October is so busy for photographers, but I secretly love it too! It's always so much fun and keeps me motivated and moving!




Lynchburg area Fall Mini-Sessions || October 1st

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