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Oh the pressure I felt when wedding planning. How could you not feel the pressure?! You are constantly told that this is the happiest and biggest day of your life! Friend, I've so been there. And to top it off had to plan a wedding on a super tiny budget, without the help of Pinterest.  One of my passions in my business is helping couples lessen the stress and be able to be fully present in their big moments! 

As someone that goes to weddings almost every weekend, and has planned a wedding myself, I put together some tips to remember as you're planning your wedding day: 

Central Virginia Wedding Photographer || Tips for a stress free wedding planning || Ashley Eiban Photography ||

1- Prepare your budget.  Doing some research on what things are going to cost will save you a lot of heartache. Sit down with your fiancee' and discuss, what's the most important things to you, will help you decide where you need to splurge, and where you can cut back. For example, you can put less money towards a wedding cake, and more towards your flowers.  Do some research on what things cost, so you're prepared on how to divi up and divide your money. Ask friends that have been through it.  Being prepared will help save you some heart break- if you are expecting to pay $400 for a videographer, it will break your heart to find out that isn't realistic. 

2- Be ready for lots and lots of opinions. Oh girl, there will be SO many opinions, from friends, family members, and even strangers. There was a time where all weddings were suuuuper traditional, every bride walked down the aisle to the same song, all of the centerpiece tables had the same floral arrangements. Some people still don't understand that there's been a shift to planning a wedding that reflects YOU as a couple.  You're never going to make everyone happy- just remember- this is your day- do what you love! 

3- Follow your heart. Be sure to not let the opinions of others change what you want to do. Every single couple has different priorities and visions on their wedding. Some people really do want a traditional wedding, in a ballgown, walking down the church aisle to their groom. While some people want to just have a small, outdoor wedding with just their closest friends and family.  If you want to have a first look, don't let your parents talk you out of it. I know I personally let other people talk me into things, and those moments are really the only regrets I have from my own wedding.  

Central Virginia Wedding Photographer || Tips for a stress free wedding planning || Ashley Eiban Photography ||

4- Only hire vendors that you 100% trust. You're wedding day is going to be busy, and you are going to want to be in the moment and enjoying the day with your friends, family, and your new HUSBAND! If you're having to worry about a vendor, do not hire that vendor. You're vendors should be making your life easier, and your wedding day BETTER. Not more stressful.  

5- Remember, at the end of the day, you're going to be MARRIED! Things go wrong, problems come up. Just remember to breath, and remember and enjoy the day. Even if something goes wrong, You are getting married, and this is about your marriage- your life together, way more than it is your wedding day.  

Oh sweet bride, I hope that this helps you. I know this time can be so stressful, but hopefully you're able to enjoy this exciting time together! 

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Ashley Eiban is a wedding and portrait photographerbased in Central Virginia. Serving Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Farmville, Richmond, Roanoke, and surrounding areas. Currently booking a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions for 2017.  Available for travel world-wide.  

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