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I’m ashamed to admit how horrible I’ve been at this- but I’m making it my mission to catch up and be better about it! What am I talking about? Printing out our own personal photos. I know, I know- something I preach about with my clients. It’s SO important for our memories and children to have these photos to be able to relive and talk about important moments in our lives! We had a handful of little photobooks printed out and it’s one of Emmie’s favorite things to look through and talk about certain moments.  

The problem, I did not have all of my personal photos in one place. In fact, quite the opposite. Why this is the case, I have NO idea because I am beyond careful to have triple backups of all of my client photos and should be treating my own with just as much importance!

Printing our own personal photos || Lynchburg, VA Photographer ||

So, I’ve been working hard on getting everything in one place, organized by year and then by month. And from here, I’m creating chatbooks- about 3-4 per year as an overview and then a full book for special occasions- like vacations, family photos, etc.  It’s not anything too special or expensive- but it’s at least PRINTING out our photos and make sure we’ve got everything in a place together!

First thing I did was take a few days and collect all of our personal photos- from cell phones, instagram posts, a few different computers and external hard drives. Do you see why I’m embarrassed to admit how bad this problem is? It was SO fun going through all the photos- Emmie as a little baby and all these memories that I had totally forgotten about! That in itself was SO motivating to finish up collecting all these photos!  

Printing our own personal photos || Lynchburg, VA Photographer ||

Once I had them in one place, I sorted through by the years and then the months, making it super simple to then upload them to chatbooks by months!  I’m still working on getting all the books organized and ordered & can’t wait to update once I do!!

Are you good at printing your personal photos? Tell me your favorite way to organize and get your items printed!

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