Why I love PhotoMechanic || Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Super quick post here today- but I've talked to SO MANY photographers lately that have never used PhotoMechanic! I rave and rave about this program and thought if I know so many here in Lynchburg locally, there must be so many other people too! 

Lynchburg and Charlottesville Wedding Photographer || Why I love PhotoMechanic || www.ashleyeiban.com

PhotoMechanic has literally saved me hours of time back in my workflow. I used to just load and cull in Lightroom as I was editing, and really had no idea how much time it was taking me! It takes 7-12 seconds per image to load the RAW files in lightroom- which really adds up when you're talking about sorting through thousands of images from a wedding! 

I use PhotoMechanic strictly for culling my images. Culling is just the basic process of looking over all of the photos that you take during a session or a wedding and choosing which ones to keep, and which ones to get rid of if someone is blinking, sneezing, my flash didn't go off, etc.  

PhotoMechanic loads the photos super fast and in a JPEG format so you can see the photos in focus quickly, and they aren't quite as flat, which can help! It's a one-time fee, but worth every penny! Hope this saves you tons of time!! 

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