Congratulations! You're engaged!! Now what? || Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Ahhhh! Friend! Congratulations! I know you're SO excited to have that sparkly ring on your finger! But, I also know you might be a little bit overwhelmed with everything on your new to-do list! Don't stress- I know it might seem like there are a million things to do at once, I totally remember this feeling! I've written out a few steps to help know what's the most important things that HAVE to get done right away, then the rest will fall into place! 

What to do when you get engaged || Lynchburg Wedding Photographer ||

1- First things first, start narrowing down some dates. If possible, try to have a few options as you start looking at venues to be able to narrow things down.  

2- After you've gotten a few dates in mind, you need to talk budget. Trust me, I know this part is not fun at all, but it's essential to knowing what venues you can look at and which vendors to interview! Knowing if you're parents are going to be helping, if you and your fiance' are paying for it all out of pocket, or if there's an all of the above option, it's important to know and not make assumptions. 

3- Once you have the budget nailed down, start researching some wedding venues. Narrow this down by determining if you want a rustic/barn wedding, a vineyard wedding, a classic estate wedding, to get married in a church, etc. There are a ton of amazing venues in Lynchburg- so do some research online and ask around with your friends! Once you find a venue you love, you'll be able to narrow down the actual wedding date.

What to do when you get engaged || Lynchburg Wedding Photographer ||

4- Now that you have a budget, start thinking about priorities. In the perfect world, we'd be able to choose the best of everything, but that's not always practical. Decide what's the most important things to you and your fiance' together! For a lot of Brides, these things are photographers & videographers, a venue, dress and florals.  Things that can sometimes take a back burner are the cake, catering, etc.  

5-Start researching other important vendors. Again, use google, ask your friends who they loved, and start your interviewing process. Photographers, Coordinators, Videographers, Caterers all can book up as early as a year and a half in advance or more, so the earlier you can reach out, the better. 

6-Begin working on a guest list. Knowing how many guests you think you'll invite and may attend will be helpful in knowing how much you can spend out of your budget for food and other important things! 

7- Decide who you want in your wedding party! This can sometimes be a really hard decision, but it can be so much fun to have your best friends celebrating with you! Remember to only ask those you're the very closest with- someone you think you'll be friends with forever- who will be there to support you and be so thrilled to be with you and a part of the wedding process! 

8- Go wedding dress shopping! Oh my goodness this part is SO much fun! Invite your Mom and a best friend or two and start playing dress up! Make it a fun day by grabbing brunch together and some celebratory mimosas! Try on lots of styles before deciding- and once you've found the one, stop looking! 

9- Relax! I won't be the first person to tell you- but this time will seriously FLY by! Don't let the stress and the to-do's get to you! Be sure to schedule some alone time with your hubby-to-be for a date night, with the wedding planning topics off limits! 

What to do when you get engaged || Lynchburg Wedding Photographer ||

Congratulations again! I'm so very excited for you & I would absolutely love to talk with you about your wedding day plans & what you're looking for in a photographer! Contact me today to chat! 

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