My January 2018 Goals & Planning || Lynchburg, VA Wedding Photographer

It's just the first week of January, but somehow I was already feeling behind. I had been planning on working on my power sheets all last month, but with getting sick, taking some intentional time off, and spending time celebrating the holidays with my family, it just didn't get done.  I just kept thinking HOW can you start out the new year without having this all set up and ready- but let me tell you a secret! You can start whenever! It does not have to be January 1st! ;) 

So, I've been plugging along on my power sheets this week- it's going to be a much different year for us, preparing for baby, welcoming a new baby and intentionally taking much less on with weddings and photoshoots this year.  It started with me really needing to re-evaluate our financial goals and needs for the year, and defining my definition of success based on what's best for me and my family. The last few years, that was shooting 20-25 weddings and multiple engagements and family sessions a month.  This year, it looks more like 12 weddings overall and scheduling all Sunday's off. Taking some time off to rest & recover after baby, and really just enjoy my family and learn these transitions.  

lynchburg wedding and portrait photographer || 2018 goal planning

My word(s) for 2018 are NOURISH and NURTURE.  Yes, I know most people just choose one word, but these both really stood out to me for this stage in my life.  

Some of my big goals for the year are: 

-To Simplify. I want to simplify our home, my workflow, our day to day schedule. Things need to be clean, tidy, and simple when baby comes along! 

-Wellness. I know, this is on everyone's list in the new year... but it looks a little bit differently for me. I want to focus on being healthy mentally for this birth. To keep positive around birth, and be prepared as I can be with the exercises our amazing doula gave us to do! 

-Allowing myself grace. Trust me, I know that EVERYTHING is going to change in a few short months, so allowing myself grace is going to be so important. I need to allow myself grace to take a nap if I'm feeling so exhausted, if dinner doesn't always get done, etc.  I'm not very good at this one, so I have a feeling this is going to be quite the learning year! ;) 

2018 Goals and Planning || Lynchburg Wedding and Portrait Photographer

So, now I want to know, what's your word of the year? What are your 2018 goals and what are you planning on working on first? 

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