A little December Snow! Lynchburg, Virginia Photographer

I'm just a little jealous of the east coast and where we grew up today! It's SO cold and windy here, yet they're getting all the gorgeous snow! I am NOT a fan of the cold weather, but if it's going to be this frigid, there needs to be some snow so we have an excuse to stay home and snuggle! ;) And eat all the junk food. 

A few weeks ago, Lynchburg got a beautiful surprise and a little bit of snow- which is so early for this area in this season! It truly added a whole level of Christmas Spirit! We normally don't get snow in Central Virginia until later January and February, so having it early was magical! Plus, it didn't stick around too much so the roads were clear and safe! I know I'm super late in posting these, but I'm just sharing as I am there in the snow in spirit! ;) 

A big shoutout to Michael who had a great attitude and didn't once complain about the fact I was making us late to leave (we were heading to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens!!) and he kindly found something for me to set my camera on, helped set up the self-timer, and still had a smile on his face. He's a keeper, I'm telling ya! (PS: Emmie is in her Jammies because we had JUST gotten back from Santa mini's with Liz Cook Photography!) 

So, I want to know! Do you have snow where you're at? I mean, even Florida has snow right now and Virginia doesn't! What is going on?! Send me photos and some warm, cozy days where the family is off! ;) And then send summer!! 

Ashley Eiban

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