deck the halls...

This is going to sound cliche' but I am so excited for Christmas this year with Emmie. She is totally starting to understand the whole Christmas thing! Decorating the tree this year was no exception. Although nothing can beat the Christmas Tree reveal from last year - going through all of the ornaments with her this year- making cookies, and handing them on the tree- THE best! 

You have to bake cookies to decorate your Christmas tree... duh! 


Some of our special ornaments! On the left- Emmie's very first ornament, Starbucks Mug- where Mike and I first met. The Sunset Beach Vacation Chair- and on the right- the ornament Mike proposed to me with!! 

She was first told she had to wait until we were done with the tree to eat a cookie... but she couldn't wait! 

The finished product... well kinda- we adjusted quite a few ornaments since Emmie made it her mission to put all the ornaments together on three branches! ha. 

Now to catch up with our christmas gift list! yikes.  Have any special ornaments? I want to hear about them!! 

Check out my post on picking out our tree out here- and be sure to check back this week for more Christmas Season Photos! 

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