Beyond the Lens: Wedding Florist || Foraged and Cut Flowers in Lynchburg, Virginia

I am SO excited to be sharing with you a new series while I'm out on maternity leave! I've asked some friends in the wedding and creative industry to write about a topic they're passionate about- whether that be tips helping brides while planning a wedding, what they've learned in their business, balancing life and owning a small business, plus so much more! Let me tell you- there's some amazing stuff coming up and I can't wait to share! 

Foraged & Cut Flowers || Lynchburg, VA

First up, is my good friend, Natasha, who owns and is the head designer of Foraged and Cut Flowers here in Lynchburg, Virginia! Natasha was a DIY Bride who fell in love with floral design after doing her own wedding! She's since worked as a head floral wedding designer for several years, and even worked on a local flower farm.  Natasha is super passionate about supporting the American flower farmer and holds a 'field to vase' movement! Her work is absolutely stunning and I am constantly amazed at how she can take a brides vision to life! 

I'm so thrilled she is sharing all about things she's learned as a floral designer over the last 6 years! The florals you choose can really set the tone for your wedding day!

Beyond the lens: Ask the expert florist || foraged and cut flowers in lynchburg, virginia

Hey everyone! I’m exciting to be guest blogging for Ashley today. Isn’t she the best?! Let me start with saying that planning a wedding can be so stressful, right?! SO many decisions. After almost 6 years designing wedding florals I’ve talked to lots of brides & answered lots of questions. Here are a few of the conversations I’ve had.

Foraged and Cut Flowers || Ask the Expert: Florist || Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

Hopefully this will help make your flower planning a breeze!

1. Find a realistic budget for your vision. This is one of the first questions I ask a bride, “What is your budget?”. Most aren’t sure & that’s okay. Tell your designer your hopes & dreams & they can give you the reality of the cost. If you want bridal party, ceremony, & reception flowers you should expect to spend close to $2,000+.  If you need to find ways to cut your cost, consider a smaller bridal party, smaller table arrangements, or inviting fewer guests. It adds up fast!

2. Choose flowers in season. So many times brides tell me they MUST have peonies buuut the wedding’s in November when peonies are out of season. Flowers like dahlias, peonies, anemones, ranunculus, etc. are very expensive or just impossible to get out of season. If you’re set on an out of season bloom you have to be willing to pay the higher cost or change your wedding date.

Foraged and Cut Flowers || Ask the Expert: Florist || Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

3. Find your style. Take a look at your Pinterest board or wherever you’ve saved your flower inspiration. Do you have multiple styles? Try to narrow that down to just one or two. A florist can mix two styles together but combining 3 or 10 just doesn’t work.  When you get your pictures back from your photographer you’ll be happy that you carried a theme throughout your whole wedding.

4. Trust your florist. First, do your homework. Do you like their previous work, do they have experience, good reviews, & did you connect with them in your consultation? Hopefully your floral expert checks those boxes! Trust that they will carry out your vision or let them create a custom theme for you. Trust is so important in allowing you to enjoy the experience & let go of some of that stress. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong with the flower order & those dahlias come in bruised & shattered or there’s a natural disaster & they don’t come at all. It’s out of your designers control. When the petals hit the fan (see what I did there), a good designer can use different blooms to execute your wedding vision! ‘Damage control’ goes with every job title in the wedding industry.

Foraged and Cut Flowers || Ask the Expert: Florist || Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

5. It’s not more expensive because it’s a wedding. Flowers are a live product just like food. They fade quickly & must be used when fresh. And don’t forget, you’re not just paying for the flowers! Think of your floral arrangements as custom pieces of art. There’s a lot of labor involved. From the first email, to the consultation, & eventually designing for your big day, your designer has put in a lot of hours. Annnd let’s not forget the delivery, set up, & take down. That’s a lot of time y’all!

6. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Girls, have you seen all the blush going around the last few years??? It’s everywhere with no end in sight. Pinterest can be a good thing but it can also limit you. Blush is beautiful but don’t feel confined by what you’ve seen on Pinterest & in blogs. Lots of those pictures are styled shoots & not real life. Some of those flowers don’t even hold up out of water! If you’re favorite color is red, rock it! Make your wedding stand out!

Foraged and Cut Flowers || Ask the Expert: Florist || Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

7. DIY doesn’t work for everyone. It may seem like a good way to save money. It may even sound fun to make your own bouquets & centerpieces. But if you’re already stressed, leave it to the professional. DIY will add a lot of time &; stress to a day that should be enjoyable! Your wedding planning & wedding day should be so fun!! Take the time to enjoy it all & to relax! Let’s not have any DIY fails on your wedding day.

To all you brides (& grooms!) planning your big day, breath. A third of the things you think are super important your guest won’t even notice if you do them or not, another third you just have to do because it goes along with planning a big event (probably the biggest of your life!) & the last third will be a breeze if you choose the right vendors! 

Foraged & Cut Flowers || Lynchburg Wedding Florist

Lynchburg, Virginia Wedding Photographer

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